The following articles highlight the many health benefits of our remarkable Cellfood formulation:

Dr. Laz Bannock

by Dr. Laz Bannock, PhD, Director
The Centre for Integrative Medicine, London

Girl In Black At Computer

health benefits have been the subject of numerous articles, papers and blogs.

Michele Schoffro Cook

by Michele Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAc CNC,
CITP Founder and Director, The Energy Effect

Dr. Michael Coyle

by Dr. Michael Coyle
Director of Research and Education
NuLife Sciences

by the 2005 Karrimor
Expedition Team

by Svet Boulatov, MD, DHM
Lecturer in homeopathy, iridology,
colon and tissue cleansing and nutrition

by Bettina Yelman, ND
Former Director,
California Naturopathic College